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Want to have Tallahassee’s best skin care treatments? Our reviews speak for themselves. Our skin technicians will offer you a luxurious escape to help hydrate, nourish, and clean your skin. Below are some of the services we offer, we know sometimes, especially for first-timers, you may have some questions. Please feel free to reach out to us today, ask away, and set an appointment today!

BRAND NEW HydraFacial MD® Treatment

Great for all skin types, the HydraFacial MD® Treatment is not only highly effective at improving overall skin health, but also excellent for remedying: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Elasticity & Firmness, Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy, Skin Texture, Hyperpigmentation/Photo Damage, Oily/Congested Skin, Enlarged Pores, Advanced Signs of Aging

HydraFacial & LED Clinical Treatment

PRICE: $150

(1 hour experience)
HydraFacial is a non-invasive, multistep treatment for all skin types that combines the benefits of next-level customized treatment for your skin including hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!), LED, serums that target specific needs and a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. It does all of this in as little as a one hour and it delivers real results without downtime or irritation.

The Ultimate Cutting Edge Spa Hydra Facial with, LED, CTGF & Massage

PRICE: $250

(2 hour experience)
Come and experience the Ultimate Spa facial using the cutting edge HydraFacial as mentioned in the clinical treatment, PLUS the innovative CTGF™ (Connective Tissue Growth Factor). CTGF™ is a Vortex-Booster™ in the HydraFacial Treatment that will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With naturally derived growth factors being the main ingredient in CTGF™, skin health and vitality will improve overall and skin will be brought back to its youthful state. Additionally, our well sought after luxurious facial massage will top of your Ultimate Spa Hydra Facial.


PRICE: $125

Highly effective exfoliation which triggers the regeneration of new cells, promotes better absorption of skin care products and allows cosmetics to look smoother on the skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. Completed with a sterile, surgical scalpel. Dermaplaning gently “shaves” the surface of the skin removing the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. Secondly, the vellus (peach fuzz) hair is removed. The immediate result is smooth, even skin-tone with a healthy glow. This one hour service includes LED therapy and a hydrating treatment that is customized for your specific skincare needs.

Pevonia Skin Care

Treat your skin with some of signature treatments which can help relieve tension on your skin and help you feel better inside to.


PRICE: $125

This is a nonsurgical, aesthetic procedure that uses tiny crystals to strike and exfoliate the skin. Older drier skin is removed at a pace that the natural skin sloughing process cannot match. It will tighten skin, reduce oiliness in the T-zone, flatten scars, correct photo damage, and reduce fine line dynamic rhytids.

Phyto-Stem Cell Facial

PRICE: $125

A breakthrough in Stem Cell Phyto-Biology uses not one but three sources to revitalize, renew, and rejuvenate the skin. It provides epidermal and dermal repair, anti-aging properties, reduces wrinkles, boosts collagen, and intensely hydrates. Don’t wait make your appointment today!

Myoxy-Caviar High Performance Facial

PRICE: $125

Definitely a fan favorite. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure caviar and pear extract. Designed with a revolutionary bond of phyto-extracts known as Escutox. Escutox repairs and replenishes the skin from the inside out. This decadent mask increases skin’s oxygen levels to reduce expression lines while improving suppleness and elasticity.

Micro-Retinol Peel

PRICE: $100

Want to reveal a more evenly toned, porcelain-smooth complexion that everyone will notice? Then try this innovative micro-retinol treatment. Don’t let the word micro fool you. This line packs quite a punch. This small compound carries extra stability, better absorption, zero oxidation, and no chemical breakdown. Benefits include: smoothing, increased brightness, and is extremely anti-aging.

Luminous ``C`` & Sea Facial

PRICE: $95

This highly, enriched, anti-oxidant facial will increase your skin’s elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Created to combat those troublesome free radicals it will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, replenished, and nourished.

Rosacea Facial

PRICE: $95

Treat your skin to the extraordinary benefits of green tea, French rose, and licorice. This facial soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness. It also hydrates, decongests, and provides UV protection. An ideal treatment for all hypersensitive skin conditions especially those with couperose, erythrose, rosacea, and acne rosacea.

Anti-Free Radial Facial

PRICE: $95

Carefully crafted to combat those pesky free radicals that cause premature aging by infusing the skin with vitamins A, E, and D. The mask is truly one of a kind. It not only warms the skin promoting maximum vitamin absorption, but cools the skin to seal in hydration while minimizing pores. This luxurious treatment will leave dehydrated skin feeling soft, supple, and moisturized.

Lacto-Floral Acid Peel Facial

PRICE: $40

Naturally derived, this mild lactic acid peel stimulates your skin’s natural exfoliation process while deeply hydrating. A perfect treatment to lighten hyperpigmentation and ease epidermal thickening.

NuFace Treatment

PRICE: $50

A radical, new advancement in skin care technology. This groundbreaking anti-aging device uses microcurrents that will redefine facial contours, tone, reduce wrinkles, and boost collagen. Absolutely safe with no down time or need to undergo the knife. This handheld device is FDA approved and can be purchased at the spa. Continue your treatments to achieve maximum results and visibly beautiful skin in the comfort of your home.

Millennium Purifying Facial

PRICE: $90

Truly a wonderful experience where the service is customized to your skin type and specific needs. This facial includes cleansing, toner applications, steam, an enzyme peel exfoliation, extractions, a relaxing facial massage, mask, protective creams, plus an ampoule of your choice. It restores balance to tired, dull, lackluster, and over active skin. This treatment is made for all skin types (sensitive, dry, oily, combination, and acneic). It includes everything the Millennium Signature Facial has to offer minus the ampoule. Afterward, a consultation will be given on items that will allow your skin to look its best. Continue to the following pages for a list of ampoules Millennium has to offer.

Problematic Skin Facial

PRICE: $80

Acneic skin requires extra care and attention. Each step of this treatment utilizes specialized ingredients to address current and future breakouts, blackheads, sensitivities, and irritated skin. This facial includes deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation extractions, use of our high-frequency machine, then a purifying mask. The combined action of the high-frequency machine and mask will calm and heal the skin, leaving it absolutely smooth, decongested, and disinfected.

Express Facial

PRICE: $50

Short on time or just want a relaxing break from a hectic day. Then this mini facial is deal for you. Catered precisely to your needs it comprises of cleansing, toning, a relaxing facial massage, natural enzyme peel, treatment mask, and moisturizer. This service leaves you enough time to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the office (steam and extractions are not included).

Specialty Addons

Target Ampoules

PRICE: $15

Enhance any Millennium facial treatment with the added benefit of a vitamin enriched ampoule specifically created for your concern. Let our skilled estheticians recommend which ampoule is best for your skin.Optimal ‘C’ Complex- brightens and rejuvenates

  • Optimal ‘C’ Complex- brightens and rejuvenates.
  • Collagen Polypeptides with Myoxy-Cavier-deeply hydrates, wrinkle smoothing, and illuminates the skinElastin Polypeptides with Sorghum-firms, intensely.
  • Elastin Polypeptides with Sorghum-firms, intensely hydrates, and improves texture and tonicity.
  • DNA Polypeptides with Diacetyl Boldine- refines epidermal surface, tightens dilated pores, and smooths light scarring.
  • Soothing Propolis Concentrate – extremely healing, vaso-constricting, anti-bacterial, and decongesting.
  • Smoothing Formula – calming, healing, and diffuses redness.
  • Rejuvenating Vitamin Concentrate – replenishing, fights anti-free radicals, and highly anti-oxidant.
  • Vitamin “C” with Oxyzomes – oxygenates the skin, corrects photo damage, and profoundly anti-oxidant.
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